About Us

TRIDENT Engineering LLC, a registered FDOT Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) firm, is a premier niche transportation engineering and planning firm which was established to provide dedicated transportation engineering, planning, design and construction consulting expertise to our clients. TRIDENT continues to on-board staff with extensive experience in these areas and has gained increasing recognition as a go-to firm by both their agency and teaming partners. This staff expertise coupled with a dedication to providing the best possible client experience makes TRIDENT a strategic asset on all contracts.


TRIDENT Engineering provides both the public and private sector, transportation planning and traffic engineering consulting services throughout the State of Florida. Our core competencies include traffic operations, transportation planning, minor design, construction support and traffic data collection.

FDOT Prequalifications

3.1 – Minor highway Design
6.1 – Traffic Engineering Studies
6.2 – Traffic Signal Timing
7.1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
13.4 – Systems Planning
13.5 – Sub-Area/Corridor Planning
13.6 – Land Planning/Engineering
13.7 – Transportation Statistics